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I read more comic books than you, that's a fact.

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My Harry Potter studies over the years. 

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I think I’m going to give up on finding a significant other and just invest in Life Alert.

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This is the first time I used caffeine in grad school. You should all fear my power!

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I feel like a large portion of my time in grad school is helping my classmates understand technology

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Storm and Black Panther WIP 5
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Storm and Black Panther WIP 5

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Austin sketch.  #notallasians…look alike.
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Austin sketch.  #notallasians…look alike.

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Beyblade World Championship 2012 Finals

Just like the anime

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Pinning Test


Here’s a link to the jobs page, which is a corporate page with the same URL structure as our future NN page. 

Here’s a link to the merch page, which is hosted by a third party and subject to a redirect. 

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I just realized that I spent 14 hours of my day with the same person today. 

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